Cold Or Hot At Your Vacation Spot?

By: Catherine Ruedi

The Objective:

Learners will create a poster board with an image of where they have or would or will go on vacation during a season this year. The student must include the image of their proper attire that fits the weather climate of the location of vacation destination. The board must be designed with the proper description of the weather as well as a visual representation of what it looks like.

Location Example:

students must have an image of the place as well as where it is located on the map:

The Rubric

How you will be graded

The learner will be graded on the following parts:

1. Creativity: The learner must think outside that box or take that "further step" in order to achieve the possible amount of points.

Max Points: 15

2. Participation: Did the student actively participate in this sequence with advanced thinking, or is it a simple project put together in poor quality and small contribution?

Max Points: 25

3. The learner created a proficient and clean project that connects with the eye of the audience?

Max Points: 10

4.Contains images required. Maps, Maps of Country and location as well as an image of the vacation spot. The learner must also contain a picture of what they would wear in that weather location. They may dress up as if they are going their, or they may take an image while they are on vacation or from a previous vacation.

Max Points: 25

5 Proper explanation to the audience and has descriptive wording of the vacations destination.

Max Points:10

6. The final requirement is the presentation. They learner must present with full excitement to the their audience!

Max Points: 15

Engage US!

The class cant wait to see where you will be vacationing this summer!