Background information

Nicaragua is a very cultural place.the capital of Nicaragua is Managua.And some of the major cites are Managua,Leon,Malaya department,matagala department, ect.

History of Nicaragua

Nicaragua was controlled by a country and it is panama and it still controlled by this day.And it got independence in September 15 1821.Their official language is Spanish.And their flag looked like three equal horizontal bands of blue and on the top is wight blue with a symbol.
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Geographical info

The country is in Spain. Some of the physical features water, mountains, highlands,tropical low lands.


Their types of government or republic.And their president is or leader is Jose Daniel.

Economics in Nicaragua

In their country thier currency are cordoba so they can by clothes and things.And thier type of economics are capitalism.

Tourists info

Why should people visit why cause it has very nice weather and very cool attractions.And what should tourist see and do well thier are cool markets and very nice tropical beaches.