Death of Coral Reefs

Human Dependence Project

This is a project for Mr.Fuentes' class

Gage Anderson


5Th P

The negative effects

This causes many of the fish to loose their habitat, and die off because they can get eaten by many new fish.

This effects North America because it could kill off all the fish. If all the fish die, there will be more producers, like algae. If there are more producers, there is more oxygen. And with more oxygen it will trap more heat in the Earth, causing global warming to speed up.

The wildlife that is most effected by this is the the fish, they'll have no place to live. And they'll have to move to a entirely new place.

The most likely reasons that the coral reefs are dying

Over-Fishing: It causes the top fish to under-populate, which causes the producers to over-populate.

Dynamite Fishing: The dynamite causes the coral reefs to explode.

Does this effect us in League City

Yes, this effects everyone in league city. Although it is not directly, it can cause the fish population to die off. Making fish, sushi, and sushimi to cost more.

People cause this to happen, its because of the over fishing. And how we fish with chemicals, explosives, and just too much of it.


Some possible solutions are that we stop fishing, or we stop using such harmful ways to fish.

My solution is that everyone become non-fish eaters, the fish could repopulate again. And after, 100 or somewhat years. The fish will increase potentially.

The importance of coral reefs

Importance Of Coral Reefs In The Caribbean