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There's no place like home . . . OR 3RD GRADE

September 1st Edition

Greetings from Oz!

Thank you so very much to all of the families that were able to attend PTO's Back to School BBQ in support of all the students at our very special neighborhood school. The children that I was lucky enough to catch on the run were having a blast. We really appreciate the many fabulous parent volunteers that it takes to make an event like this possible, and I was very proud to notice that so many of those wonderful parents were from our third grade class. Thank you, thank you, thank you . . . yes indeed . . . three for third grade!

As we settle further into a homework routine, we will be adding a spelling component this week in addition to the Everyday Math homelinks. Your child will be given one of three differentiated spelling lists (for now anyway - but we may need to add a 4th list) based on the reading and writing skills that I have observed so far. Please know that these lists start out with basic skills, are phonics based, and are arranged by grade-level. Currently, our team is using second, third, and fourth grade lists. We can adjust up or down according to a child's individual needs. No matter which list your child has, he or she will be given a differentiated spelling menu. Your child needs to select 3 points from the menu to do this week. This is due on Friday along with the EDM homelinks. Your child should also be reading for at least 15 minutes each night.

We could still use a few more magazines to create our fancy journals on Friday, so if you happen to have some around please send them in before then.

If you have not yet turned in your parent homework assignment "Tell Me About Your Child in a Million Words or Less," it is not too late. I adore reading these pieces about your precious children, and they truly touch my heart, so please share.

Students in third grade will be taking the CogAt test this week, probably on Wednesday. Look for more information on this.

That's all I can think of for now anyway!

In Ozsome learning,

Michele O'Dell

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PBIS Superhero Form

I noticed this past week that it has been a bit difficult for some of the children :) to determine what a plus looks like versus what a delta looks like on our PBIS Be a Superhero form. Their interpretation differs a bit from mine! Imagine that! So with that in mind, I have decided to add more specific direction for them. We are going to a 1 to 4 star system for students to be safe, responsible, and respectful with a key as follows:

**** Infinity and Beyond - The Fabulous 4 Are Jealous! - A Superhero Role-Model!!!

*** Ready to Save the World - Only One Reminder or Request Needed Today

** Let's Call Our Friend Superman for Advice ~ Two Reminders or Requests Needed

* A Super Power Recharge Is Needed ~ Multiple Reminders Given with Sadly No Results

Please initial this form each night and check out those reflections on expected and unexpected behaviors. Thank you!

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We are starting our incredible Wizard of the Week program, and our very first Wizard is beautiful and brilliant Brooke! Please select this link to read all about this third grade program that the children love! We always select our next wizard on Fridays. If you want the poster ahead of time, let me know, and I will get one to you now. Your child can plan his or her read aloud, wizard show-and-tell, and science experiment ahead of time as well if that works better for your family. Just take a look at the parent informational letter for the details. Thanks so much for making this program such a delightful experience for your child.
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Week of 8/31 Music

Week of 9/7 Art

Week o 9/14 ETIL

Week of 9/21 PE

Electives are on Wednesdays

Library is on Thursdays