Mission Statement

By Matthew Ogles

My Plans For College

I would like to go to college at UNC Chapel Hill, I would also like to graduate with at least a 3.0 GPA. There I would major in medical research in diseases such as cancer, I would be aiming for a doctorates in this field. Although I would like to have a career in medical research I would also want at least an associates in engineering, if at all possible I would like to get higher than an associates though. I want an associates in engineering so that just in case I can't get a job in the medical research field I will have something to fall back on.

My Plans For Career

When I graduate from college my preferred job would be to study diseases, such as cancer, at UNC Chapel Hill. If I can't get a job at UNC Chapel Hill I would look for a job at a different university or with a government research agency in the same field. My final choice would be to find a career in the engineering field.

Life Goals

Plans For Life

After I have gradated from UNC Chapel Hill and gotten a job some of my hopes for during life are to be able to travel a lot. I want to have a good amount of vacation time so that I have a chance to travel across America as well as to other countries. Also another major life goal of mine is to learn another language. Although I am not exactly sure what language I want to learn I am pretty sure that I am going to choose Spanish.

Short and Long Term Goals

Some of my short term goals are to make all 'A's this year in all of my classes, to meet new people, and to make new friends. Some of my long term goals are to get a Doctorates degree in medical research, to get a job in medical research at UNC Chapel Hill, and to lead a research team.