Madison City Curriculum Updates

2014-2015 School Year

Curriculum Additions

The following new courses will be offered at both Bob Jones and James Clemens

Algebra with Finance

AP Art Studio-Drawing

Career Preparedness B

Computer Science Principles

Contemporary World Issues and Civic Engagement


Introduction to Pharmacy

Orientation to Health Science

Senior Career Pathway Project -- Business, Management, and Administration

Senior Career Pathway Project -- Education and Training

New Courses at Bob Jones

Engineering Systems

Landscape Design and Management

Senior Career Pathway Project -- Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

New Courses at James Clemens

Aerospace Engineering

Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications Academy

  • Introduction to Television Production
  • Photography and Editing
  • Advanced Television Production
  • Senior Pathway Project Internship
Senior Career Pathway Project -- Architecture and Construction

Freshman Offerings

The following courses will now be offered to 9th grade students:

AP Human Geography

Creative Writing

Education and Training

Foundations of Engineering (BJHS)

Introduction to Engineering Design (JCHS)

Introduction to Television Production (JCHS)

Orientation to Health Science

Curriculum Updates

9th grade students can retake Algebra I as a full year course (Algebra 1A in the fall and Algebra 1B in the spring)

Career Preparedness A will be paired with Composition Expository

IT Fundamentals at JCHS will be replaced with Computer Science Principles

Multimedia Publications at JCHS will be replaced with Advanced Television Production