By: LeeAnna Peirce Bret Livingston

Avoiding Falls

  • Keep floors clean
  • No Clutter
  • Wipe up spills, spatters, peelings
  • Use step stools of ladder not a chair
  • Tie shoes
  • No long clothing

What To Do

  • Don't move the person
  • Don't laugh unless they do
  • Get a teacher
  • Clean area after person fell

First Aid

  • Call medical help if need
  • Mild bruises/sprains use a ice pack
  • Elevation if feeling dizzy
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Slipping and falling in a kitchen can be super dangerous. Don't laugh unless the person that fell is laughing. Be sure the person is safe an okay before moving him/her.
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Wet Floor Signs

When you see a wet floor sign make sure you recognize this and the floor might being wet and that you have to take precautions went walking on that surfaces.
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Tie Shoes

Always make sure your shoes are always tied. You would not want to step on your own feet causing yourself to fall.
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When trying to reach something on a counter make sure you use a sturdy stool and not just climb on the counters.