November Blues

BY: Sharon M. Draper

Authors Theme

The theme of this book is no matter what happens stay strong.
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The conflict is she has to face the lost of her boyfriend and her boyfriends parents want to take the baby away.

Man V.S self because she is basically trying to take care of the baby by herself.


The setting of the story is at there high school and November's house ,Jericho house , and the hospital.
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November- Brave- she is brave because she is facing everyone an still going to school while being.

Dana- Helpful- She is helpful because she is supporting an helping November out with the baby.

Jericho- Depressed- He is depressed because he lost his cousin who was like his best friend and he blames himself because he was the one in encouraging him to jump.

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This story is about a girl named November who loses her boyfriend josh from a game stunt. Josh had jumped off of the two story building and died right there on the spot . November finds something unexpected about herself. A couple months after josh had died November had been getting morning sickness . November is having a hard time deciding if she should keep the baby or if she should give it away or have an abortion and get rid of the baby so she can still go to her dream college that her an her mom have been waiting for.