DC Professional Learning

How are you connecting with experts in your field?

Your "exit note" from the CPD session.....

We have put your exit note back in your pigeonhole......

Have you managed to do what you thought you might?

Need any further help?

Found something new on 'your travels' that is worth sharing?

Our Google Community...What an amazing set of resources you shared!

We decided that a 'community' was a more user-friendly resource for us to access, add to, comment on etc. Let's all make this grow and become a consistently great place to share valuable resources.

Everyone has been invited to "Professional Learning at DC" - you need to be a member of Google+ to access it. New teachers will also be invited at the start of next year.

See video below to help you join Google+ (Best to use your DC account for access).

If you need help with this, many staff could help you - or Leanne, Joe or I can help you.

How to Sign Up for Google Plus

Not wanting to let this work drop..."Where to, from here?"

In the "Discussion and other DC Communities" category, there is a 'Feedback" post. Your comments on "what works for you?" and "what might be even better if...?" will help us keep the community relevant.


Email us to let us know how else we can make your personal professional learning 'more accessible' to you....one off tutorials? share-fairs?


Leave a comment below, attached to this flyer, on any or all of the above

One last thing...

We suggest you turn off your notifications for the community.

If by chance, it gets a lot of activity and staff post comments and start sharing, there could potentially be a lot of email in your inbox.

Either hover your mouse over the symbol shown in image (left) and change the setting, or follow the instructions on link below.

DIY Professional Development

Edutopia have produced a great page on many options for DIY PD.

"Why wait for a formal workshop environment to start improving your teaching craft, when there are so many opportunities to build your network and learn new skills on your own? We've compiled a list of the best resources for do-it-yourself PD to get you started." (Updated: 4/2014) Click on the link above to check it out!