Titanic Survivor; Lady Duff- Gordon

By Ashlee Bish

About Her

Lady Duff - Gordon, born on Saturday, June 13th 1863. When she traveled the titanic she was 48 years old. Her two companions while she sailed the ship was her husband, Sir Cosmo Edmund Duff Gordon and her maid, Miss Laura Mabel Francatelli. They both survived the Titanic crisis.

The Biggest Ship Of It's Time

The Titanic's height from the base of the keel to the the top of the bridge was 104 feet. Then, the Titanic's length was 882 feet and 9 inches long. What made this extraordinary ship unsinkable was it was the biggest ship of its time. But the biggest reason it was unsinkable was because the ship had been designed to still float if onlt the first four compartments were filled. Lady Duff - Gordon was in the first class when she sailed on the Titanic. She paid 2,500 dollars to sail on the Titanic and be in the first class. And yes, she had more than enough money to be in the first class! When it came to the accommodations it was comfort and elegance.

What Really Happened to the Titanic.

The iceberg brushed along this ship. But, then a few minutes later the ship came to a stop. This is the time people were really starting to get nervous. There was a noise in one of the boiler rooms sounding like a big gun going off. Twenty minutes after the crash, things looked very bad to the captain. Thomas Andrews and Captain Smith made a rapid tour around the ship. Then after that, realized they didn't have much time left. They sent help by "CQD" and "SOS" distress calls. Also, they fired distress rockets to get people's attention. Just after midnight, Captain Smith ordered the lifeboats uncovered. They were feverishly sending out calls then the closest ship, carpathia, responded and was racing full steam to the rescue. Almost an hour after the crash, most of the passengers didn't realize the seriousness of the situation. At 12:30 the captain gave orders to start loading the lifeboats. At 12:45 the first lifeboat was lowered which carried 65 people. At 1:30 the bow was down and people realized the slant on the deck. The radio signal became weaker as the ships power faded away. At 2:05 there were still 1,500 people left on the ship. All the lifeboats were full. So in desperation people began to jump overboard. Then all the sudden she slip away from us under the sea. The lights died out. The titanic has sank. Now all you hear is screams from the people in the water beyond freezing. About 10 minutes after, something was seen in the distance. The carpathia has came to the rescue. And well Lady Duff - Gordon was rescued by the very first lifeboat with her husband and maid by her side.

The End Of Time

Lady Duff - Gordon died on April 20th, 1935. But after the Titanic disaster she went back to her dressmaker business. Also, she lived in her same old hometown, London, London England.