by Natalie and MaKenna


She is Egyptian. She also comes from a big family, Arabic her grandfather, Abela her grandmother, Aapeli her father, Daffodil her mother, Quan her older brother, Quinn her younger brother.


She can shape shift in to any animal and manipulated anything she wants to.
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Qetsiyah was practicing her powers and saw a person she didn't like and started manipulating him. Then her mother came from their house and told her she can't use her powers on mortals unless she was in dange, her mother erased his memory and sent her Qetsiyah away.

The next day Qetsiyah was chasing after a rabbit while she was formed into a white wolf, she had caught the rabbit and started home to her family, and saw little girl crying. She had said she was looking for her rabbit, as Qetsiyah realized that the rabbit she caught was the girls rabbit, so she called for her father who healed her rabbit.

Now she is older and knows her lesson.

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