Haun Learning Commons

"A meowing cat catches no mice" - Yiddish Proverb

Dec 7- Dec 11

Love, Laugh, Learn

! I want to let everyone know that I have big plans and dreams for the library program here at Haun. I think the students are ready for an innovative, exciting, and academically challenging program and I am too! Please let me know about your dreams for the library program....It takes a village!!!!

Hour of Code: Light Bot

If you have early finishers- send them down to try coding on an app called Light Bot.
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Kindergarten: Self Check-Out

We will continue practicing self check-out, and learn about the author Rosemary Wells. We will read Yoko's Paper Crane.

First Grade: Holiday Research

We will continue learning about Pebble Go an online database in the library resources. We will work on a holiday passport where we will record symbols and greetings.

We also will code on Light Bot on the tablets

Second Grade: Identify World Landmarks

Students will listen to the book, Looking at Lincoln. We will gather information about the Lincoln monument and explore how the materials the artist chose reflect Lincoln's legacy. Then we will continue exploring other monuments in our online databases.
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Third Grade: Zane and the hurricane

Students will listen to the book trailer 'Zane and the Hurricane' then we will explore how to find other books in the catalog to read that are also about natural disasters. I will introduce students to the Next Reads database.

Fourth Grade: Video Book Summary

Students will begin writing their script for a video book summary. Some students may begin recording and editing their video.

Fifth Grade: Morse Code

As we learned last week about the Navajo code talkers- we will continue learning about code this week. Students in partners will learn morse code.

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Special Ed Storytime

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Guaranteed to be fun!

Let me know if you would like a visit from the book fairy this week. I can drop by anytime I don't have class scheduled to read one of the stories below.