Intro to Exploratory French

Rules and Procedures

How to enter and leave the classroom

Entering: Immediately prepare for bell work. You must write the question down and then attempt to answer. If you do not know the answer, the question must be written down and you are to then look through your notes WITHOUT TALKING, unless noted.
When Madame Svonavec enters and says "Bonjour tout le monde" (hello everyone), you will stand (yes, you) and respond "Bonjour Madame!" (Hello Madame). (madame-mrs. monsieur-mr. madameoiselle-miss)

Leaving: You must make sure there is no garbage left behind, push your chair in, and take all materials with you.


RESPONSIBLE: have all materials, turn in assignments, participate in class
RESPECTFUL: class materials, classmates, other peoples' right to learn
READY: arrive to class on time (GET A PASS!), have daily materials/supplies, be present and attentive

If you violate an R you will be required to sign the 3R book. You are to COMPLETELY fill out the log to avoid being pulled in for lunch to complete the log properly. You will need to fill in your name (first and last), date, house (ex 7y), circle your offense (r), and leave a note as to why you signed.

This information will be shared with the CHAMPS and you will be logged on the team log.

What goes into my grade?

participation (you must participate positively), classwork, assessments, bellwork

Communication (edmodo, email)

You will need to sign on to Edmodo and enter the appropriate class code. You will receive updates, homework, helpful videos, and discussion prompts. If you cannot sign on, please email or speak with Svonavec in person. YOU create your Edmodo password and username, so YOU know that information. I DO NOT CREATE THAT FOR YOU! You will go to and sign up.
*Edmodo is visible to all students and teachers. This is an EDUCATIONAL site only, therefore no gossip, poor language, or useless posts. Think about if you would want the principal to see what you wrote.