Digestive System Disorders Project

What is it:

Nephritis is a disorder of the urinary/excretory system. Interstitial Nephritis causes the spaces between the kidney tubules become swollen. There is also Glomeruli Nephritis which causes inflammation of the glomeruli which can make it difficult to filter blood.

What causes it:

allergic reaction to a drug, autoimmune disorders, infections, long-term use of medications, too little potassium in your blood, too much calcium, or too much uric acid in your blood


Avoiding medications that lead to this condition may relieve symptoms quickly, limiting salt and fluid in the diet can improve swelling and high blood pressure, limiting protein can help control the buildup of waste products in the blood, dialysis which is the clinical filtering of the blood, corticosteroids or stronger anti-inflammatory medications can be helpful.


Avoiding or reducing your use of medications that can cause this condition