December Newsletter

Weber Elementary Library

Each class comes to the library each week for book check out. Kindergarteners and first graders may check out two books each week. 2nd-6th graders may check out 4 books each week.

Monday: Elmer, Herring/McCurdy, Lustig

Tuesday: Spencer, Murray, Bass, Whitmore, Duff, Whitmore

Wednesday: Guthart, Vanderveer, Johnson, Williamson

Thursday: Riepe, Sodoma, Burk, Williams

Friday: Hill, Ferrel, Gorsh, Vittetoe

Week of Code

Last week was the Week of Code, and all 2nd-6th graders were involved in learning the basics of computer programming. We used as a good starting point by exploring Mindcraft, Star Wars, Frozen, Flappy Bird, and other applications.


Many thanks to our creative Kindergarteners who have snipped and crafted snowflakes to decorate our library. It looks like a winter wonderland! They have been reading about snowflakes and variations on the gingerbread man story. They will celebrate with the annual Running of the Gingerbread Man this week in honor of that tiny trickster.
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First Graders

Our students are discovering the print and digital resources available for learning. We are exploring the math and reading components of Starfall. Take a peek at this excellent resource.

Second Graders

These students learned of tooth story traditions from around the world. We used paired reading, read alouds, and a storytelling app on the iPad to present our learning. Sock Puppets is a free app for the iPad that fun to use.

Third and Forth Graders

Grace Lin's visit will leave an impression for a lifetime! She shared stories from her childood, unlucky numbers, her process of writing, and how to draw a lucky tiger. Here is a story of her visit.

Third graders read a biography of a individual of their choice. They used Kidspiration to create an idea collage.

Forth graders learned a new application to create a word cloud.

5th and 6th Graders

Students read some classic short stories, such as: "The Necklace", "Harrison Bergeron", and "Story of an Hour." We discussed symbolism and brainstormed images that could represent these stories.

These impactful images came into play when students learned to make a digital movie using Animoto. Images and text were used to create a book/story trailer. Each student has their own Animoto account, and this movie making tool will be available to them for future projects inside and outside of class. Great questions for learning surfaced as we imported photos from outside sources. We had the chance to discuss copyright, and found many free sources for images that are suitable of educational use. AP Images and iClipArt are two among many at our fingertips. Click here to view one example.

6th Grade Library Helpers

Many thanks to our frosting savvy library helpers. The gingerbread houses look terrific, and smell delightful too. On a rotating basis, library helpers come in during lunch recess to help with a wide range of tasks: shelving books, dusting computer screens, preparing a craft for storytime, and the list goes on and on.