The Tundra

-Sindy Segura

Cities in the tundra.

Old Crow is a city in Canada which is located in a tundra. The current population is 245. Old Crow is a small community which you can not get into by car, so you would have to fly in.

Climate of an average Tundra

The average temperature of the Tundra is -34 degrees Celsius (during winter) but during summer it would be 3-12 degrees Celsius. A Tundras average rainfall is 6-10 inches.

Animals in the Tundra.

There are many different kinds of animals for example, a Wood bison is a herbivore meaning it only eats plants. A wolverine is a carnivore so it only feeds on animals or meat.

A Polar Bear is an omnivore which feeds on both plans an animals. Canids are decomposers so their job is to decompose of what the animal is left.