Mod 6 Les 1 Mastery

Dean Tran

US Marshal

US marshals protect officers of the court, court buildings and aid in maintaining the effective operation of the judiciary branch. They also aid in court security, prisoner transport, and arrest warrants.

US Attorney's

They represent the United States federal government, district court, and court of appeals, and are often prosecutors in cases.


Magistrates have limited law enforcement and administration authority. More commonly known as judges.

Life terms

Terms that last for life, until resignation or removal.

Precedent and Opinion

Precedent: Principle or rule established in a previous law case that may be binding or used in future cases.
Opinion: an explanation of a precedent or decision during or after a case.


an Appellate court is sent back to a lower appellate for more action.


The name of court systems in multiple common law jurisdictions.

Appellate and Original Jurisdiction

Appellate: The power of a court to review decisions and change outcomes of decisions of lower courts.
Original:Power to hear a case for the first time

District Courts

Intermediate Court

Court of Appeals

Listens to appeals dealing with crimes, or mistakes that occurred in court.