Animal Farm

Christian Vicino

Boxers charchter Analysis

One of boxers traits is that he is a Hard worker, he is a hard worker because he would always get up 30 minutes to a hour before everyone else so he could work more.

Anoher is that hes brave. He ran up to a person in The Battle of Cowshed and kncked them out! A quote about or from charachter- is " I will work harder" - Boxer. His signifigance in the book was that he got tons of work done on the farm.

Animal farms theme of Danger of being uneducated

The theme of animal farm i chose was Dangers of being uneducated. I choose this one because it has the most support. Napoleon wont educate the animals because he does not want them to be smart enough to rebel or read the commandments so he could constantly change them. This helped form the story line because if they were able to read or write or smart enough to actually know what was going on, the pigs wouldn't be able to take all the power.

Important event- The rebellion

In my opinion the most important event in the story was the rebellion. The farm was once ran by a man named Mr. Jones. The animals did not like how they were treated so they went on strike and eventually rebelled. they ran Mr. Jones out of the farm and all the other humans. That's when the farm became Animal Farm.


My symbol is Snowball as Trotsky. I chose this because in real life Trotsky was chased out of Russia. Snow ball was chased off Animal Farm. They were both at neighboring farms/countries. And both eventually never seen again.