Now sneaking out can be easier!

By: Lauren Sinopoli Speech 8-4

Ever needed to not be seen?

Our company has now released a new way to move around easier without being seen! Ever needed to sneak out of the house? Or get out of an awkward situtuation? Introducing the InvisaBlanket an invisable blanket! Just slip it on over your head and wonder freely to where ever you please! Order now at

Now introducing... INVISABLANKET!

We are very happy to annouce that InvisaBlanket has sold over a million blankets! Customers are pleased and happy with a new way to escape things that make life hard. Instead of having to deal with life's everyday challenges, just run away from your problems and deal with the consequences later! Who likes talking things out when you can procrasinate and do it later?

What are the perks of owning this incredible product?

We don't have a public store but we sure do have a website and happy costumers!

Here's what they have to say:

Haylee, age 14: It helped me sneak out of an awkward family reunion so I could go hang out with friends!

Graham, age 13: I was able to get a late night snack without my mom knowing because she starves me because I'm over weight.

Mrs. Kirkpatrick, age 100: I was able to sneak out of my fourth period speech class because they annoy the living daylights out of me.


We made this from personal experience so we KNOW that this product should be safe and effective! If you have any reason for wanting to return your product you may not. it is unrefundable.