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News from Room 215 for the week of September 8

Tisch's Tidbits

Dear Parents,

What a busy week it has been! We are doing all sorts of learning and are starting to get into a routine. Today the children learned how to use versatiles, used talking chips in small groups to work on speaking/listening skills and to learn about one another, watched a fun video about common and proper nouns, and the list goes on! We started centers as well and while the children are working in small groups, I'm now text leveling each child to know their exact reading level along with strengths and areas to focus. There's so much I want to do during the day, but I realize setting up these procedures and ensuring everyone knows the expectations is important. We are also learning big concepts for reading such as metacognition (thinking about what we're reading/doing), schema (connecting to the text), and this week's focus is questioning. We are working on asking questions before, during, and after our reading along with the difference between thick and thin questions. I'm in the process of grading last week's assessments and will have percentiles for you at parent teacher conferences. Speaking of which, I will be sending home a letter soon to sign up for a 15 minute time slot to chat about your child's progress thus far. Our first math test will take place on Friday. Be sure to look for the study guide on Thursday night! Now on to other news....


Last call for these order slips whether or not you'd like to purchase! I'm happy to send an extra one home if you haven't filled it out yet. Thanks so much for supporting our classroom.


Each child should have their pledge packet/envelope for the big fundraiser. The goal is for each child to raise $50. Family members, friends, co-workers are all great people to ask. The money raised comes directly to the SGE PTO for a variety of uses to better the education for the children. If you'd like to still donate bananas, apples, or water for the kiddos that day, please let me know or sign up on the PTO website. Raise away!

Drama Club

A pink letter of interest for Drama Club will be coming home today. If your child is interested in being a cast member for one of our amazing plays, the deadline is September 12.

Wish List
glue bottles

paper towel/toilet paper rolls for next week's activity

Have a great week!

Your partner in education,



September 12-Drama Club submission is due

September 17-Jog-A-Thon fundraiser from 1:00-3:00

September 26-pledges are due

Lots of Learning!


-Likelihood of Events

-Finding Differences

-Using Calculators


-Grammar and Writing Notebook Creations continued

-common and proper nouns

-Introduction of Writer Notebooks





-Making Connections (text to text, text to self, text to world)

-Interactive Reading Logs

Life Lines


Idiom of the Week
an arm and a leg

Word of the Week