Digital Footprint

Social Networking

Facebook ,what is it?

Facebook is a social networking site where people can post picture, and video. Which your friends can see and comment on.

What do people post on Facebook?

People like to post many things like:

*Vacation pictures

*Funny pictures


What is Facebook and How Does it Work? A Brief Overview of the World's Largest Social Network

Digital footprint issues

What type of content is appropriate to post on Facebook?

*photos of your pets


*videos or pictures of a vacation AFTER you return

What type of content is inappropriate to post on Facebook?

*bad pictures

*bad videos

*party picture

How Does Facebook work


What type of content is important to keep private?


*were you live


What could be possible consequences for posting this content on Facebook?

*People could rob your house by finding out your address


*Would no longer have a private life