ARMY STEM SEMI Highland High School

Science Technology Engineering and Math at HHS

This Thursday March 26th from 7:00am to 2:35pm

AS7 is the largest of the two STEM (Science, Technology, Engerineering and Mathematics) Assets. The AS7 experience include a series of three different rooms: the Situation Room, the Mission Room, and the Research and Development Room. Upon entering the experience in groups of 10-20, visitors will be surrounded by flast panel displays showing fictional news clips from around Europe.

STEM Semi Experience

Thursday, March 26th, 7am

Highland High School Student Parking Lot

The Army's STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) vehicle put students in a scenario where they can put their knowledge and problem solving abilities to the test. The mission is humanitarian focused and requires students to use Army technology to complete the task.

Teachers allowed to drop in.

Teachers, please feel free to bring your class out to the parking lot and allow your students to visit the STEM Semi. The Truck will hold 20 students at a time and they can spend between 10 and 25 minutes gathering information. Please escort your students to and from the parking lot and be considerate of any other classes that are waiting to get inside.