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What does a subatomic duck say? QUARK! QUARK!

Wishing you the best this season!

I hope you are having the most wonderful holiday season as we have reached winter break! It is time to catch up on sleep, to travel and spend time with family, and to look forward to a successful and productive new year!

Please check out some December Highlights below and browse through our plans for the start of 2015. We are excited to hit the ground running with more Skype experiences, fun lab activities and interactive events.

Best Wishes!

Ms. Clark

December: In the Classroom

5th Grade

Grade 5 students have been learning all about ecosystems! This Owl Dissection Lab helped us to explore the niche of an owl!
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What's next for January?

  • 6th Grade - Earth's Changing Surface: Weathering and Erosion
  • 7th Grade - Motion and Forces
  • 8th Grade - The Human Body: Skin, Muscles and the Skeletal System

Palm Beach County Science Fair

Congratulations to all students who participated in the Palm Beach County Science Fair!

Daniela Golob, Nancy Sluggett, JD Mason, Carson VanPopering, Kayla Fischer, Kyle Zetlan, Sean Jassenoff, and Sara Moreno!

Check out a few shots below from the fair last week!

Homeroom Excursion!

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Digital Ocean Explorers Skype!

Wednesday, Jan. 21st, 8am

300 Royal Commerce Road

Royal Palm Beach, FL

Students will experience a unique interaction with scientists located at Timor Leste, a small island south of Indonesia. The session will focus on research about local coral reefs, which are part of the Great Barrier Reef chain. More details to come!
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Did You See the Science Wishlist?

1. Smart School Systems – 5M Handheld Microscope (6 Total Microscopes)



Cost: $249 per unit

2. Plant Light House


Cost: $107.95

3. Mineral Identification Starter Set (1 Total Kit)


Cost: $89.95

4. Mineral Test Kit (5 Total Kits)


Cost: $10.00

5. Periodic Table Markerboards Class Set for 24 Students


Cost: $158.40 for 24 boards

6. Cube Storage Bins (A bunch)


Cost: $30.00 per set of six bins

Rebecca Clark

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