Beaudry City, Canada

Canada or Canadia?

Location - where is it?

Beaudry City, Canada is located in northern Canada. It's absolute location is N 60

and W 100. It's relative location is north of Quebec and south of the north pole.

Place - What is it like there?

Beaudry City, Canada has a cold, wet climate with winters getting as low as -20 f and summers getting as high as 20 f. A small town, Beaudry City is quiet, bright, and filled with moose. As the town is next to a river it is always full of ice skaters, ice fishers, and hobos.

HEI/EIH - How do humans impact the environment ?, How does the environment impact humans ?

Humans impact the environment in Beaudry city by skiing, sledding, Shoveling, Tree cutting, and fishing. The environment impacts humans with Snowstorms, Blizzards, Glaciers, Large man-eating plants, small man-eating plants, bitter cold, and ice.

Movement - how are people and places connected?

Things only move inside Beaudry City, the town has a 20 ft ice barrier protecting it. They are mostly connected through foot travel.

Region - How are areas similar?

Beaudry City, Canada is very similar to Juneau, Alaska, USA, they are both cold, they are both quiet(ish), and they both have a population over 1.

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