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Through documentary and educational films

At the educational level, is the third intellectual home of Buskin. It housed up in at the Ecol Normal in ENSK which trains teachers in the schools and colleges of education cadres of BurkinaFaso. Since the return free online tamil fm onward this school is part of the University of UK. It is the third center of university education in the country after the Ouagadougou and Bubo. Secondary education for its part, is being faced many difficulties. The city has an enrollment rate of.

This type below the average would be explained by the difficulties linked to the accessibility of classrooms, the cost of registration fees and the lack of school infrastructure and teachers that the free online tamil fm government does not invest in education as it should for lack of funds and also because it has its own priorities. Indeed, has secondary schools, which general education and technical fields are also included in the private and others are public. These establishments accounted for students; boys and girls. Information. Only public schools have audiovisual free online tamil fm material, which reserves only use much more with teachers.

As for libraries, their number is not balanced with that of educational institutions. Apart from one private school to be endowed, they are still public schools are the only solution. However, libraries are consisted mainly of school books on World Bank grant. Besides these there are four school free online tamil fm libraries in the city are those of the municipality, university, chapel and documentation center recently the Tonya association. Also, another problem is that in subSaharan Africa, and specifically Bunking Fatso, have a climate cycle marked by a dry season and rainy season that strongly affects the lifestyle of its inhabitants. This causes that during tamil radio online the rainy season, which may extend to six months, all inhabitants have the duty and the opportunity to go to grow whatever they can to survive during the dry months.

Thus, it is conditioned the school calendar, forcing the holidays elapse during the rainy season, which in the case of Bunking tamil radio online Fatso can reach durar o months. Such a prolonged stoppage of the school year does not allow the continuity and consistency necessary for students, deeply marking the primary and secondary education. In the study, the main beneficiary of this project is the population free online tamil fm of the region of, both urban and rural. The construction of an FM station can not only be a service for listeners but also can give voice to many organizations and groups that so far did not. The cultural aspect with which it wants to permeate programming emissions will reinforce popular knowledge and transmit. The LONYIA is basically an association of teachers/as secondary.

The association was created in November by a group of volunteers/ Burkinabe as committed to the promotion and dissemination of African culture and education for the development of their country.
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Mannargudi Kalakalakka -Sivappathikaram