Animal Jam!

By: Rachel Marwedel

What is animal jam?

Animal Jam is a massive multiplayer game that has educational parts. You can purchase a membership for one month, six months, or a year. There is a app that goes along with animal jam available, for ipad, iphone, and ipod touch.


There are two permanent currencies in Animal Jam, diamonds and gems. Gems are much easier to get, diamonds are only spent to buy special items. If you are member, you receive a diamond once per week.

Animals and Buddies

Your character in Animal Jam is obviously an animal. When you sign up, you can choose to be a rabbit, wolf, koala, panda, tiger, seal, penguin, or monkey. Later, you can get a second animal, and if you are a member, there are many more animals to choose from. Also if you are member, you get more slots for animals. When being an animal you can change its color, pattern, eyes, and whatever you have that you want to wear. Then, since this is a massive multiplayer game, you can have buddies. Simply click on a players name tag (you choose your name when making an animal) and press the + buddies button. You can also search for a specific person by pressing the buddies sign in the top left corner of the screen (by the envelope) and type in their username (not name in animal jam).


Animal Jam has many safety features. First, let us start with when someone is mean. You can block the person (click on the person's name tag and press the sign with the animal crossed out), or you can report the person to Animal Jam moderators (again, click on the person"s name tag and press on the star with the police hat). Animal Jam also has a limited dictionary, parent dashboard to change settings like playtime, and highly qualified moderators. Play safe!


Tuesday, Dec. 1st, 12am to Thursday, Dec. 31st, 11:45pm

This is an online event.

Jamaalidays is Animal Jam's version of Christmas that has special things. Animal Jam also has versions of Easter, St.Patrick's Day, Halloween, and Valentine's Day each offering special items.
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Obviously there is more to Animal Jam, but there is a lot more so we just hit the main points. You'll have to play and find out for yourself all the great things about Animal Jam!
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