Johnson's Reconstruction Plan

By: Maddy Rinkus


Johnson tried to reconstruct the states by stating that each state had to withdraw its secession and swear allegiance to Union, also to ratify the 13th amendment, and stated that no pardons were given to high ranking confederates or anyone who owns property that is worth more than $20,000.

Freedmen' Bureau

What is it?

- established in 1865

- to help the free slaves and poor whites in the after math of the war

- provided food, housing, medical aid, school, legal assistnce

- attempted to settle former slaves on Confederate lands confiscated or abandoned during the war

Johnson's Response?

- vetoed it, because he believed it went against the states rights, was directed towards one group of people more than the other, and would make a burden on the federal government

Civil Rights Act 1866

What was it?

- all people born in the US, with the exception of native americans, would be citizens

- citizens would have equal rights

Johnson's Response?

- Johnson disagreed with the legislation saying it was one more step towards centralization of the federal government

Black Codes

What was it?

- laws that were towards anyone with more than one-eight negro blood

* Civil Rights

- granted blacks only a few more rights than they had before the civil war

- basically had some of the same rights as whites, with a few alterations

- brought the rights of marriage and family to the blacks

* Labor Contracts

- said that black "servants" and work for white "masters" for a price

- the contract must say what they will make and what service they will be doing

- the contract must be approved by a judge

- servants must work sunrise to sundown everyday except sunday, also they must live on their masters property

* Other Restrictions

- made because whites have the obsession of controlling former slaves

- it is said that blacks can not posses firearms of any type, sell or buy alcohol, or go to another state without a bond of good behavior

- blacks can not sell farm equipment

- blacks can not have any occupation other than farming and what they are given by their owner

Was life truly better for the freed slaves after the Civil War?

I believe that it was a little bit better than before the Civil War because the freed slaves now are getting money for doing their jobs. Freed slaves now have more rights even though they arent fully in the freed slaves favor. The whites are still way above the freed slaves in terms of treatment and rights they receive. The rights have to mostly be approved by the white owners. So life for the freed slaves overall is better after the Civil War, but some of the little parts of life are not as great as the freed slaves wished for.