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03/22/15 What we are Learning this Week!!

Here is what we will be learning in the upcoming week:


  • This week we are continuing to work on our Novel Tuck Everlasting. Our mini-lesson focus will be on point of view. We will be talking about why authors choose to write from a certain point of view and how that effects the story.

  • I can use the written text to understand what is being read.


Students will begin to think about the topic that they want to write about in their persuasive writing pieces. We will be collecting seed ideas this week.

  • I can write effectively according to the purpose for writing.
  • I can select a topic to share with an audience.


This week we will continue working on volume. We will be using l x w x h to help us determine volume. We will also have our Chapter 15 test this week.

  • I can identify volume as an attribute of a solid figure.
  • I can recognize that a cube with one unit side length is “one cubic unit” of volume.
  • I can explain a process for finding the volume of a solid figure by filling it with unit cubes without gaps and overlaps.
  • I can measure the volume of a hollow three dimensional figure by filling it with unit cubes with gaps and counting the number of squares.
  • I can use unit cubes to determine the volume of a rectangular prism.


We will be starting Life Science this week. We will talking about food chains and the different structures animals have to help them survive.

  • I can compare structures that serve similar functions for animals belonging to different vertebrate classes.
  • I can explain how similarities are the basis for classification.
  • I can distinguish between producers and consumers.

Bridger Open House

Thursday, May 7th, 5:30-7pm

James Bridger Middle School, Independence, MO, United States

Independence, MO

There will be two sessions. There will be information for parents as well as time for a self-guided tour of the building. Be on the lookout for a flier with more information.

Genius Hour Projects

Round 2 of our Genius Hour Projects are Complete. Please check out our website and see your child's learning.

Weekly Specials Schedule

A Day= PE B Day= Music C Day= Library Media Center

Monday- B

Tuesday-- C (Art is always on Tuesdays)



Friday-- C

Updates and Reminders

March 20- Progress Reports Sent Home (Please send back envelopes signed)

March 24- Spring Pictures

March 30-April 3 Spring Break

April 21-May 7th MAP Testing

May 7th- Bridger Open House 5:30-7:00

Our classroom expectation is that students read for 20 minutes nightly! This is considered nightly homework!

Spelling Words

  1. level
  2. vowel
  3. novel
  4. camel
  5. model
  6. marvel
  7. tunnel
  8. barrel
  9. travel
  10. towel
  11. cancel
  12. mussel
  13. morsel
  14. snorkel
  15. sequel
  16. yodel
  17. gravel
  18. scoundrel


Please feel free to contact me anytime with ideas, questions, or concerns.