Be Drug Free

by: Carlos, Elizabeth, and Caleb

Today the main problem is smoking. Smoking is very harmful and can be addictive. If you get addicted to smoking, it's almost impossible to stop. When you smoke for too long, it starts to wear down your lungs and can kill you.

A Solution

There is a solution, some scientists have come up with medicines that will eliminate the craving of smoke. All you have to do is get your doctor to prescribe it to you. If your parents smoke, the solution to that is try to reason with them. If your best friend starts to smoke, don't let them! Tell them all the bad things that will happen if they get addicted.

What Could Happen...

If you get addicted to smoking, your lungs with start to darken and your face will get age faster. Your lungs will shrivel up and make it hard to breath, so quit smoking! If you smoke it's more likely for you to get lung cancer and heart disease.

Be Drug Free

Smoking can change your life forever, in a bad way. If you choose to smoke, you are putting your life at risk. Do the right thing, quit smoking, and "Be Drug Free!"