Vector Graphics Notes

By: Chad, Josh, Devaris, & Brandon

Lossless Compression

Lossless compression keeps the image from becoming very __________.

Bit Depth.

The Bit depth range is from ______-bit to _______-bit.

Uses of Vector Graphics.

  • Vector Graphics can be used in _________ ( Ex. Twitter Bird )
  • Vector Graphics have the ability to be ________.
  • They can be made up of ________ and ________.

Uses of Vector Graphics Continued.

  • Vector Graphics are mainly used on ________. (Ex. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. )
  • Their ________ File size makes them great for websites because they load ________.

Pros & Cons of Vector Graphics


  • Vector Graphics are made up of Mathmatical equations.
  • Being made of equations this means they apply directly to graphics of any size.
  • Vector Graphics are resolution independent meaning their quality stays the same regardless of how it is resized.


  • Vector Graphics are not good to use for Photographs.
  • The Colory quality is significantly lower than Raster Graphics.

Vector Graphic Softwares

  • __________, __________, & __________