What's happening in Fourth Grade?

Randi.Serey@CTRSchool.com and Michelle.Nester@CTRSchool.com

Reading / Lang. Arts

I will be dropping the Homophone assignment from Unit 1.New vocab list and spelling lists are attached. Students will have until October 4th to complete the Unit 2 Sadlier activities and test will be on Wednesday, October 5th. We are working on Understanding Technical/Scientific Texts (Sequencing), Plural and Singular nouns, and continuing Narrative Writing.

Sightword tests will begin next week. Students will need to know 551 - 600 for the first quarter.

Social Studies

All due dates have been extended through the week of September 30th. Because of STAR testing, we will push the test back, as well. I will let students and parents know when we will be taking it, but it will likely be the first week in October. Students are receiving their study guides next week-we will work on these in class, but students may continue to work on them at home, if they would like.

STAR 360 Reading and Math Testing

We will be conducting the September round of STAR testing next week, in preparation for student/parent conferences.

  • Reading will be held on Monday 9/19 and Tuesday 9/20.
  • Math will begin on Wednesday 9/21 and be wrapped up on Thursday 9/22.


In math this week students took a quiz on lesson 3, which we've spent the past week working on. It revolved around adding and subtracting whole numbers, with multi-digits. After appraising their progress, I was not satisfied that they fully understood the concept. So, for this reason, we have taken a step back and a new approach to this topic. We will be spending the next week or so on the topic, before assessing again. Please have patience as we backtrack a little to gain some additional ground.

Math fact fluency tests will continue on Wednesdays.


This week we have focused on the changes in matter. We will continue this study next week, with 4.5b and the associated lab. Labs will happen Monday and Tuesday. All outstanding assignments are due 9/27 (Tuesday). The post-assessment will take place in class on that day.

Top Crusaders Of The Week

Mrs. Serey :

Reverant Crusader : Bo Caraway

Weekly Crusader : Gavin Ivey

Mrs. Nester :

Reverant Crusader : Michael Buttram

Weekly Crusader : Victoria Crawford


Mrs. Nester's class is still hunting for a room mom. If you can help or would like to volunteer for the job, please let Tamara Freeman @ Tamara.Freeman@CtRSchool.com.

Thank you for your time and talents. They are appreciated beyond your imagination.