Week 3 Reminders

Hi All,

A couple quick reminders:

Some of you haven't started working in the MFLs yet. I really need you to get in there and start working. The MFLs count for 60% of your course grade. You can't pass the class if you don't complete these modules. If you're having trouble accessing them, please let me know and I can help.

Some of you also haven't participated in the Week 2 discussion. I know many of you were enrolled late in the course and I'm willing to work with you. Please go back into Week 2 and post in the discussion so I can give you credit for participating. The discussions are fairly easy points for you. I would hate to see you lose them simply because you didn't post anything. Take a few minutes and go back into the discussion. Your participation is valuable to everyone in the class.

In the MFLs, remember...if you score a 75% or higher on the pretest, you automatically earn a 100% on the post test. However, if you score below 75%, you should complete all the learning activities AND the post test.

You're doing a great job! Keep up the good work. I'm really proud of the progress you are making and I know you can all pass this class with flying colors. Make sure you're getting in and doing all the work. If you're having problems with anything, or need any sort of assistance, please just let me know.

Don't forget...I will be holding office hours on Wednesday. You can contact me on Skype between 8pm and 9pm, EST. My screen name is gflowersbsc. I look forward to seeing you then.