Nuclear energy

Why we should use nuclear energy

Why should we use nuclear energy?

For starters using nuclear energy reduces the amount of green house gases emitted into the atmosphere. It has so much power generated-capacity that it is able to power large industries and cities. This way more effective than solar power or fossil fuels and it is way easier to make a nuclear power plant than a bunch of wind turbines or more helpful than making solar panels that wont even be able to power if there is a change in weather.

defending nuclear energy

Most people are probably be thinking if something happens and quite a bit of radiation gets leaked it will kill a bunch of people and close off the area around it. In reality besides Chernobyl and a couple other nuclear disasters using nuclear energy is actually pretty safe and the accidents such as in Chernobyl are very much worse case scenarios. In the United States we have sixty-one power plants in states mainly around the eastern United States that have not had any major problems since they were first built around the 1970's. Even though it might cost quite a bit it is worth the time and effort seeing how much more powerful it is than regular energy sources. Along with waste recycling and reprocessing can reduce the amount of nuclear waste. If we could be smart about locating the power plants we could benefit from them without having a major problem if there were an accident. Nuclear energy will play a major role in advances in inventions and innovations in the future that could have a very positive role in how we will live.