Jack Anderson Elementary STEM

August 12-16, 2019

A Great First Week at JAE

It was a wonderful start to an incredible year. Thank you to our JAE families for all of your help and support.

Are You Registered with Skyward?

It is very important that you you have registered your child(ren) with Skyward. Not only is this the online portal to check attendance and grades for your student(s), but it is also how the district and school have access for contacting you with important information such as school closures or early dismissals. Please check to make sure you have completed the process and that all of your contact information, INCLUDING EMAIL ADDRESS, is correct.

This is also where you can locate your student ID number. This number is important for online meal payments or meal benefits. If you have not registered your new student online, he or she does not have an ID number.

182 returning students have not yet registered, and 45 new students have not completed the process. Please take time to complete the steps this weekend so that your child is up to date in the system. If you need assistance, please contact Rachelle Phelps on Monday. Rachelle.phelps@sumnerschools.org 615-264-5830

Please access the JAE Website jae.sumnerschools.org if you need directions for registering your new or returning student.

Registration Documentation and Proofs

We will be contacting you if we are missing any documents. Please make sure you have turned in the health form, JAE enrollment form, free t-shirt form, and that you presented proofs of residency to our office staff. Also, for our new kindergarteners or students who are new to Sumner County, we need a shot record and birth certificate.

Skyward App


After you complete the registration process, your child's information can be right in the palm of your hand. I am able to access attendance and grades for all three of my kids with the press of a button.

To find out your child's ID number, Click the 3 horizontal lines at the top right corner, and choose Student Information. Look for Other ID.

Parent Orientation This Week: 8-12, 8-13, 8-15 from 6:00-7:00 p.m.

Please join our teachers this week to get the scoop on your kids' classes. Come sit in your child's seat, and find out what he or she will be learning this year.

This is a time to connect and find answers to questions you may have. For this reason, students are not invited to Parent Orientation. Please find childcare for this hour so you can take advantage of this opportunity.

The JAE Spirit Shop will be open, so you will be able to stock up on new apparel for the whole family.

Monday: Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Tuesday: 2nd & 3rd Grade

Thursday: 4th & 5th Grade

Jag Swag

Not only will the Spirit Shop be open during each Parent Orientation evening, it will also be open on Friday mornings from 8:00-8:30. Check out all of the new items, and the many items that have been reduced for quick sale.

Here Comes the Bus App

"Here Comes the Bus" is accessible from most smart phones, tablets, or computers and will allow you to view the real-time location of your child's bus. You can also receive push notifications or email alerts when the bus is nearing your home so that you can send your child to the bus stop at just the right time. Please not that parents of students who are not current bus riders will not be able to access "Here Comes the Bus." If you would like to register your student to begin riding the bus, please fill out a transportation request form in the front office at JAE.


1. Download the "Here Comes the Bus" app or visit herecomesthebus.com.

2. Click the sign up button.

3. Enter school code 87269 and click "Next" followed by "Confirm."

4. Complete the "User Profile" box.

5. Under "My Students," click "Add." Enter your child's last name and student ID number.

6. Once you confirm your information, you are ready to begin using "Here Comes the Bus."

Jack Anderson Elementary is not responsible for bus changes or delays in transportation. When we are alerted to changes, a notification is sent through the JAE App as a courtesy. We are also not responsible for issues that you may encounter with the "Here Comes the Bus" app. Please do not call us for assistance if the app is not working appropriately. You will need to contact Transportation with those concerns.

Cafeteria Reminders

Please make sure you have your phone number on each check and specify for which account the money is meant, general account or meal account. Also, meal benefit applications must be completed and turned in each year. Please contact Jennifer Osborne with any questions. jennifer.osborne@sumnerschools.org

If your child brings a lunch to school, please make sure he or she has all necessary items such as utensils, cup or water bottle, etc. Also, it is helpful to pack items in containers or packaging that is easy to open for students.

Recyclables Needed by Mrs. Ligon for Art

Mrs. Ligon has requested empty cereal boxes for the art room. If you have any that you could add to her collection, please send them to school with your child. Thank you!

Kindergarten Parents May Walk Students to Class This Week

This will be our first full week for our Kindergarteners! Last week 1st-5th grade parents were able to walk their students to class. This week, Kindergarten parents will have that opportunity. Please, Kindergarten parents only this week.

Beginning at 8:20, parents of K students may accompany them to the door of their classrooms. Please take a picture and say your goodbyes at the door. It is a big week for our students, and it is a BIG week for their teachers, too. It will help us get our day started if you say a quick goodbye, and let these sweet kids spread their wings and soar into a great learning experience.

Lunch Visits

You may join your child for lunch this week. Please remember, we ask that your child has only one lunch visit per week.

You will need to sign in with our Lobby Guard in the front office upon arriving. It is helpful to have your license ready. Federal Nutrition Guidelines prohibit bringing outside restaurant or fast food items to share with your child during lunch.

When your child gets to the cafeteria, you may accompany him/her through the cafe line (if needed,) and sit at one of the tables in the cafeteria lobby. There is not enough room in the cafeteria to accommodate all of our students and guests.

Please see the Student Handbook for more information about visiting for lunch with your child.

New Student Breakfast

We are excited about all of the new families that have joined Jack Anderson

Elementary this year! 1st-5th students who are new to JAE this year will have an opportunity to get to know each other, our principals, and our counselors at a special new student breakfast right after announcements this week.

Monday- fifth grade

Tuesday- fourth grade

Wednesday- third grade

Thursday- second grade

Friday- first grade

Dress Code

Wow, these kids sure have grown over the summer! Please check the dress code in the Student Handbook. Your child's teacher will also be going over this with students and with parents during Parent Orientation. We have seen shorts and skirts that are WAY TOO short this week. It might be time to take advantage of some of the sales going on right now and purchase some longer shorts and skirts for our ever-growing girls. I have a daughter, and I know how difficult it is to find shorts that are the "right" length. However, there is a big difference between shorts that come to the end of the fingertips when arms are straight (approximately 3 inches above the knee), and shorts that reveal too much. If a student's shirt is longer than her shorts, the shorts are too short. Please help us monitor this so that it doesn't inconvenience you by having to bring a change of clothes to school for your child.

Dress Code

We want your child to come to school dressed comfortably and not have apparel distractions that may impede learning. Thank you for monitoring your child and helping your child abide by the dress code. The following shall NOT be worn to school: shorts that are shorter than three inches above the knee, spandex shorts, shorts with writing on the back, cut off jeans that are frayed or with pockets showing, clothing with holes, saggy/sagging pants, leggings or leotards unless with appropriate length skirt or dress, suggestive slogans, pictures or ads of tobacco or alcoholic products or drug paraphernalia, caps, hats, scarves or bandanas, strapless dresses or blouses, spaghetti strap dresses, bare midriff, halters or tank tops, backless shoes (sandals with a back strap are permitted), cleated shoes, shoes with rollers, flip flops, clothing related to gangs, extreme hair color or style that results in classroom disruption. Jewelry may not be distracting or disruptive.

Car Line Reminders

Car line procedures were sent home last week with car riders (K parents, you will get them on Monday). Please make sure you get those signed and returned this week.

Currently, we have 868 students at JAE. The most important job of the administrative team and our entire staff is to keep all of them safe, especially during the busy arrival and dismissal periods.

Help us keep our students and staff safe by following a few simple rules.

* Do not use the bus entrance to drop off your students. Enter next to the JAE sign, go around the back playground loop, and drop off or pick up in front of the school.

* Do not cut through between the playground and school. This area is for staff, buses, and Jags' Treehouse only.

* Do not switch lanes when leaving campus.

* Remember to put your phones down.

* The front parking lot is not for drive-thru drop off or an opportunity to avoid the car line. If you park, you must accompany your child to the crosswalk.

* Never drop off at the end of the building. Last week a few students were seen walking from the side of the building by themselves. If your child is a car rider, he or she must be dropped off in the front of the building unless you are walking alongside them.

Big picture

August Staff Birthdays

Happy Birthday to these wonderful staff members during the month of August:

8-3 Stacy Douglas

8-9 Shelby Yazzie

8-10 Kellie Smith

8-16 Stacey Foutch

8-18 Cali Hufford

8-18 Rachel McCleery

8-23 Marti Riggins

8-24 Alissa Beasley

8-30 Lauren Wilson

3rd-5th Grade Cross Country

The deadline to sign up for the JAE cross country team is August 15th. Cross country is available to all 3rd-5th grade students. If you have any questions, please email Coach Hellman (mahlon.hellman@sumnerschools.org).