Shed Some Light Project

Alex Rejda, Will Grider

Software used: Illustrator, 123D make, inventor, google drive.

Machines used: Laser engraver

Cost: 2 sheets of wood= 4.00

Why this would be desirable to users: Our product would be desirable because it has a very simple yet interesting design. It could be placed in any household with a modern, contemporary look to it or it could be placed in a work studio/shop. I think its also desirable for any age group again because of its ability to go with any house theme.

We had many obsticals that we faced creating this project. First off, when designing it we had to add the right diameter so the light fixture could fit into it. We also had trouble with our prototype because the laser did not completely cut through the wood in most of the pieces. Once we finally got all the pieces cut we could assemble it, which was also a problem. The pieces were very tiny making it hard to assemble in most spots and it took awhile. Next time I would recommend a newer design that is easier to assemble.

Overall I had mixed feelings about this project. It didn't turn out the best but we learned a lot from it. Like how to design on inventor and how to create better designs from looking at previous designs.