District 30 Board Brief

July 14, 2022 Board of Education Meeting Summary

Dear District 30 Family,

I hope this finds you well, enjoying meaningful time with your loved ones!

We held our Board Meeting last night. The meeting began with a moment of silence reflecting on the Fourth of July Highland Park shooting and its impact on our neighbors and friends. Our thoughts remain with everyone affected by this senseless violence, and a reminder was shared about local agencies, including our schools, providing any needed support. Our meeting included the items detailed below. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Enjoy the weekend!


Dr. Brian K. Wegley


Personnel Report

The Board officially hired:

  • JoAnn Dynkin (School Psychologist) at Maple

  • Veronica Saavedra (Instructional Assistant in Early Childhood) at Willowbrook

Please help welcome these individuals into our District 30 Family!

The Board approved the transfer of Amy Bobula (Instructional Assistant) from Willowbrook to Maple and accepted the resignations of Julia Meyers, Talia Block, and Caitlyn MacKnight. We wish these individuals well and thank them for their service to District 30.

The Board also approved one retirement effective after the 2025-26 school year.

Reopening Approved for 2022-23 School Year

The global COVID-19 pandemic has presented evolving challenges that our community has handled with a united front. With no preexisting road map for navigating this pandemic, the operational practices we have put in place have been methodically and collaboratively crafted with input from our Education Association, parents, medical professionals, Board, and administrative team. This evolving plan also serves the requirements of the U.S. Department of Education’s Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services plans.

Since August 2020, District 30 has implemented a layered COVID mitigation strategy that has evolved as health advice changed. District 30 recognizes that health is more than just the absence of disease. It is about social connections with peers and the adults who educate them.

The 2021-22 School Year successfully moved forward with in-person learning every day of the year. We remain grateful for all of our teachers and students' hard work and value our parents' partnership and support. Our goal throughout the 2022-23 School Year is to continue our path back to typical operations with reasonable safety mitigations. Without limit, robust educational programming, including social-emotional efforts, will continue while employing our multi-tier systems of support.

Our plan includes the following:

  • Employing all best practices of teaching and learning, including but not limited to assemblies and field trips as appropriate
  • Returning all students to typical lunchroom routines
  • Recommending universal masking in school buildings and school buses when the region’s transmission level is designated as high by the Cook County Department of Public Health
  • Requiring masking in the health office
  • Recommending all individuals remain up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccinations
  • Isolating positive COVID-19 cases
  • Quarantining unvaccinated close contacts of COVID-19 cases
  • Provide home support for excluded students for COVID-19 according to our Strategies for COVID Excluded Students
  • Offering weekly COVID-19 SHIELD screening to all students and staff who do not opt out and utilizing test-to-stay for identified outbreaks of three or more related cases
  • Encouraging weekly COVID-19 SHIELD screening after breaks and for students participating in high-risk indoor athletics and extracurricular activities
  • Reduce crowding as much as possible when the region’s transmission level is designated as high by the Cook County Department of Public Health
  • Providing administrative COVID-19 Leave granted through Public Act 102-0697 as long as it is granted
  • Providing KN95 masks to staff with the remainder of our current supply
  • Utilize a Visitor Check-In Form to verify that visitors are COVID-19 symptom-free

Learn more at our School Operations website. Please note that these preliminary plans will be reviewed at our August 11 meeting to ensure that we are as current as possible.

PRESS Aligned Board Policies Approved

District 30 has updated our Board Policies to align with the Illinois Association of School Board’s PRESS Policies. These policies followed four review cycles, legal counsel input, and a review by our Board Policy Committee. This updated manual will now be built into our student and staff handbooks.

Integrated Comprehensive System Contract Approved

In the fall of 2020, the district formed the Equity Task Force. Comprised of teachers, instructional assistants, and administrators, the task force participated in professional development led by an outside consultant, developed action plans and projects, and drafted a DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) statement with commitments. Task force members advocated for completing an equity audit of the school district. There are numerous outside experts in the field that lead equity audits. After a comprehensive search of options, the administration recommended Integrated Comprehensive Systems for Equity to complete an equity audit focused on guiding efforts to increase a sense of belonging and to provide an equitable, inclusive environment for all students of the school district.

Maple Traffic Study

All schools experience traffic challenges. With Maple School and Glenbrook North High School traffic combined, significant traffic congestion occurs on Sherman Drive during pick-up from around 3:20 through 3:45 p.m.

In response to the issues faced, District 30 contracted Kimley-Horn to perform a traffic study for Maple. Kimley-Horn concluded that the drop-off routines in the morning did not require change. However, they strongly recommended changes to our pick-up procedures with all pick-up traffic entering off Shermer Road to leverage maximum car staging on Maple’s campus. More information will be shared with Maple parents as we begin the year.

Please be on the lookout for this important guidance!

Next District 30 School Board Meeting

Thursday, Aug. 11th, 7pm

2370 Shermer Road

Northbrook, IL

You are welcome to join us at our next Board Meeting. Topics will include:

  • Reviewing District 30's 2022-23 Opening of School Plans

  • Reviewing BWP & Associates Superintendent Profile that will guide candidate selection for our next superintendent, who will begin service on July 1, 2023

  • Sharing District 30’s tentative budget and announcing a public budget hearing on September 22

Our Board of Education

The Board of Education consists of seven members elected from the general public to serve the entire Northbrook/Glenview School District 30 Community. The Board provides governance for the district by hiring and evaluating the superintendent and approving a budget, policies, and goals that align with the district's strategic plan. Board members are:

  • President - Nancy Artz
  • Vice President - Jeff Zuercher
  • Zivit Blonder
  • Keith Karchmar
  • Dan Levin
  • Ammar Rizki
  • Dr. Stephanie Yohannan

Northbrook/Glenview District 30

Northbrook/Glenview District 30 exists to create a community that craves learning, fosters resiliency, and cares deeply for every student. District 30 serves more than 1,200 students in pre-K through 8th grade across Willowbrook, Wescott and Maple Schools.