Satire Box

by Matthias Carder

Definition of Satire

Satire is the seemingly bullying of a person, group of people, or a topic, in order to get a point across and teach a lesson
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The Colbert Report

An example of an American satirical television program that satirizes political talk shows, and other political aspects through use a Colbert, the shows host that uses his personality to help convey his points and messages.

Tools of a Satirist

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How it should have ended (HISHE for short) is small youtube channel that satirizes movies from various genres using the plot holes and mistakes found within the plot to create a far more realistic ending than the one witch occurs. In this video, they satirize "The Empire Strikes Back."
How The Empire Strikes Back Should Have Ended
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Meme Creation

This is a personally created meme that satirizes the Republican party, as they a known to be relatively against all ideas of climate change. This meme takes that into consideration, and emphasizes it through the use of a common character on the internet.