Life Of Basketball

Courtney Burton

The Start Of Basketball Life

Hi my name is Courtney Burton and I have chosen to research about sports such as basketball. I chose basketball because that is my favorite sport, my passion and that is what I want to be in my soon to be successful and future life. I’ve been into basketball since I was 7 years old, and ever since I have been involved with basketball all of my life. I’m very excited to be able to do research on basketball and all the correct information in that category. I have to attend college to be able to be drafted to the NBA. The NBA’s pay scale is $25,000 to $50,000 for the 82-game season. If you’re trying to be promoted in the NBA it depends largely on their skills, talent ,determination, popularity, and drive.

The Influences On Basketball

The influences in my NBA career field are excellent physical condition, energetic, fast, talented in skills and techniques of basketball love of game. The rewards imbedded into the field are getting better{skills wise} and NBA title, also my responsibility are arriving and being on time for basketball practice and NBA games. I know that I can achieve these goals in my life because I have the determination, the faith, and the drive to achieve this. I really feel like I can achieve this dream of mines. I will attend college and learn more and more and so much more about basketball. When I attend college I will get my education on sports and be better at it.

My Idols In Basketball

Why Would I Do Basketball?

I would do basketball because it's something I want to do, no matter what anyone says to me I know believe that I will be in the NBA one day and prove everyone wrong. I'm going to get my education on basketball and go on to the next level.