Cafe August

Specialty Coffee and Sandwiches For Your Enjoyment

6 Business Activities

1. Generating Ideas- This is a small restaurant that specializes in coffee and sandwiches. We noticed that there wasn't really any sort of coffee shop in the area, and that people really like coffee here. We also noticed that people don't always drink coffee just for breakfast, and decided to base the whole menu around meals that include coffee.

2, Raising Capital- We put about $30,000 into renovating a foreclosed building and managed to turn it into a shop. We have received about $20,000 from several investors, with the largest commitment from one elderly Jim McDonald, affectionately called "Ol' MacDaddy"

3. Employees & Training - We have seven employees, including ourselves, of which we have trained. We have a total of three cooks, two waiters, one cashier, and one dish washer.

4. Buying Goods & Services- We get our coffee and our bread from the local grocery store. We get fresh vegetables and meat from local farmers. However, when it is not the farming season, we get our vegetables and meat from a Wal-Mart in the nearest city/town that has one.

5. Marketing Goods & Services - We advertise in newspapers, on a web site, and on the radio.

6. Maintaining Business Records - We use Microsoft Access to keep track of inventory, customers, and costs and profits.


We chose this type of ownership because it is easy. Some of the advantages of the partnership is that it was easy to start. We are responsible for key business decisions and functions. We also share investments and profits. However, we are liable for debts if the business fails.

Business Goals

1. We want to run a profitable operation

2. Give quality goods and service

3. We want to be able to expand our operation

4. We want to make our work more efficient.

5.We want to have our employees learn valuable skills for later in life

Mission Statement

We wish to provide our brilliant and beautiful customers with the quality service that they deserve. We also would like to share our coffee, and the coffee should be good enough to earn our customer's well-earned money.

Organizational Chart

Intro to Business Commercial