GWA LS Technology Tidbits

February 17, 2016 - Focus on Grandparents' Day

Topics this session:

  • PhotoPeach
  • YouTube - MP3 converter
  • Apple TV and streaming
  • iMovie

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This is meant to be a platform in which to start a conversation.

This is not going to be a lecture on the ins & outs of programs, but rather a way to get some ideas flowing and to plant seeds to get you thinking differently about technology and its role in your classroom.

Think of technology like tartar sauce

By itself, tartar sauce doesn't taste great. However, when it is paired with the right things - fish, it can greatly enhance the flavor of the meat. By the same token, when its paired with other meat - it doesn't taste quite right. Technology can be the same way. When it is paired with the right activity, it can greatly enhance student learning. When it is paired with other activities, it may not enhance student learning. When technology is too complicated or to fluffy, it may actually hinder student learning. So make sure your technology is paired with activities in such a way as to be helpful, efficient, and simple.

PHOTO PEACH - Kim Gunnin

This is a quick and easy way to create a slideshow with pictures and set to music. You can use their canned elevator music :) or you can use an YouTube-MP3 converter to add music found on youtube. There are many types of music to choose from.

YouTube-MP3 converter -

Need help? Search for a tutorial on Here's one that might work for you:


Take pictures with you iPhone or iPad. Then stream them right to your board using Apple TV. This could also be used to project student journals to your board to share.

iMOVIE - Mandy Gudnason

Need help? iMovie for beginners -

Don't be afraid to do a Google search for ideas and recreate someone else's video with your own class!

You can also:

--Have students read a line or two each from a Dr. Seuss book

--Have students tell what they like most about their grandparents'/special memories/how

old they are/etc.

--Have each student read/recite a line from a poem about grandparents

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