So You Want To Promote

Now what...

The Tools to Get You Started

So, you want to promote?! I can't wait for you to see how much fun it is to build your own team! The sky is the limit! I cannot even begin to tell you how much I enjoy sponsoring and how much the relationships I have made have meant to me. BUT, where do you start? Here are the links to Danielle's 3 Steps to Sponsor Calls. Please take a few minutes and have a listen:

Call 1:

Call 2:

Call 3:

So, Time for the Incentive!

So, I know that sometimes all the action in the world, does not always yield all the results you would like to see. However, the fact that you are planting seeds that will sprout in the future counts too! (I had someone call me last week that was the VERY FIRST person I spoke to about the opportunity 4 years ago, who is just now ready to be a stylist!)
So, there will be several ways to earn an entry to this incentive:
-1 point for every trunk show $500+ (because the BEST place to sponsor is at a trunk show!)
-1 point for each NEW show entered into the system for April
-1 point for every 10 people you talk to about the opportunity
-5 points for each new stylist you sponsor

We will have the incentive period open for 2 weeks, so beginning today and running through Monday, April 21st. I will pin this flyer at the top of the team fb page so you can comment there for every 10 people you reach out to (the rest I can see in the reports section of the lounge).

And what will you win?!
Your choice of the Malta Necklace or the Sahara Pendant with the Cady Wrap!

But Wait--There's More!

All this hard work is bound to pay off, so a little treat for you! When you promote to STAR by Hoopla, we have made arrangements for a local Dry Bar to come to us and treat us to some blow outs! Thank goodness, because my crazy hair and the Orlando humidity are NOT friends! Some mimosas, gorgeous tresses, and a little relaxation time is just what the Hoopla Doctor (ummm, that's would be me!) ordered!


Please let me know what else I can do to help you reach your goals!