Hepatitis C Virus

A New Treatment of Medication to cure Hepatitis C

What is Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a serious chronic disease and if left untreated it could be fatal but early diagnosis your chances of survival are great. Hepatitis C can cause liver cancer and can be favtal if left untreated.

Hepatitis C is only passed on two ways:

* Sexual intercourse with a person who has contracted the virus

* Sharing a needle with someone who has Hepatitis C

* Signs and symptoms of liver disease such as abnormal liver test

* Received blood from a donor who was found to have hepatitis C

* Healthcare worker who may have been exposed to hepatitis C through a needle stick, or even came into contact with body fluids

* Have had your blood filtered by a machine (hemodialysis) because your kidney's can not filter your blood

Signs/Symptoms of Hepatitis C

* If you have a decrease in your appetite

* Feeling Fatigue

* Having some unusual abdominal pain

* Showing some jaundice (yellowing of the skin)

* Noticing unusual darkening of your urine

* High fever

* Joint Pain

If you see any of these symptoms please speak with your physician for proper testing

How to test for Hepatitis C

* Simple Blood Test

* If diagnose the physician may order a biopsy to determine how much scaring tissue may have occured


This medication works by targeting certain proteins in the hepatitis c virus to keep it from reproducing within the body.


Take one tablet by mouth once a day.

Each tablet contains 90 mg of ledipaspir and 400 mg of sofosbuvir

Keep out of sunlight store below 30 degree celcius and 86 degree temperature

Possible Side effects

* slow heart rate

* fainting or or near fainting feeling feeling

* Dizziness

* Weakness

* Short of breath

* Chest Pain

*) Confusion

It is very important to notify your Physician if you take any other prescribed or over the counter medication. I f you are taking any medication that contains tenofovir disoproxil fumarate

Also please inform your Physician if you have or had any other liver problems or kidney problems. If so this medication may not be for you.