Social Scene Success!

The first two weeks...

We have mentored our peers!

The first week of our program we learned the vital life skill of respectful listening. We turn, tell, and think! Next, we went into various summer school classes and worked with children to teach them, this skill. We modeled, practiced with, and guided students across grade levels towards mastery of respectful listening.

Our second week we focused on feelings. We learned about recognizing how people show their feelings through facial expression and body language. Additionally, we learned to recognize that feelings come and go and we don't always share the same emotional response as others. Guess what, that's ok! We took this knowledge to other classes and taught them at their level. We work with students Kinder through 6th grade. What a adventurous challenge.

We look forward to two more wonderful weeks of social learning and mentoring!

Happy 4th,

Mrs. Pilling and Ms. Farnsworth