Mrs. Grimmett's Class

Getting Carried Away in First Grade


January 19 - NO SCHOOL

- Scholastic Book Orders Due!

February 7 - Early Dismissal

February 12-13 - Smencil Sales

February 16 - No School

February 17 - PTO Meeting

February 26 - Math/Science Night

Writer's Workshop

We are currently learning about poetry. This week, we began working on acrostic poems. We will continue to work on these as well as alliteration poems next week.

Reader's Workshop

This week we have been working on inferring. Next week we will be learning about problem and solution (some books may have more than one).


We will begin our unit on consonant clusters. We will be discussing the clusters in the beginning, middle, and end of words!


We will be continuing our unit on numbers! We are working on place value, decomposing and composing by 10 (subtracting/adding), ways to represent numbers, comparing numbers, and more!


We are currently in our MY WORLD unit. We have been discussing our rocks and looking at them in class.

Next week we will start using our soil samples (thank you for sending them all in!) to discuss soil.

Social Studies

We will be learning about Martin Luther King, Jr.! We will discuss his accomplishments and why he is such an important person in American history. We will also discuss treating everyone with kindness and respect.