"Budget Report" Writing Activity

Leon Nguyen

Buying A Home

This home is located in Riverwood Club. It has 2 bedrooms with big walk in closets, 2 bathrooms, total electric rent that includes the water rent, a sparkling pool with a sundeck, MARTA #50 at the door to train, central A/C & heating, 24-hour gated community, gourmet kitchen/breakfast bar, W/D hookup in most units & laundry facility on property, and cost $580 per month; $81,200 per year.

Buying A Car

This car is a 2006 red Toyota Corolla CE that is super clean and it auto, has a CD player, and is a power package deal. The monthly payment is $69 and the yearly price is $41,400.

Paying Bills

Paying the bills were really expensive. It was also from various events. From buying a house to broken plumbing. To giving checks to Ms. Dean's Bank & Trust to Old Phart's Phixit Phacility. Everytime we wrote a check, it brought out money lower and lower. I first started out with $4,166.66 and ended with $1,013; and those were with 2 incentive payments. It was everywhere, but this shows how hard it is in real life.

Grocery List

I first thought that going grocery shopping was going to be a breeze, but suddenly it was way harder than expected. Our budget was only $150, but that is with the tax, so to get the supplies without tax yet; the max was $140.15. We had to buy a monthly supplies of things, so i bought the things we needed. From milk and bread to diapers and allergy medicine. I was going above budget everytime when i finally got it. I had only spent $138.68 on the total before tax but with the tax ($9.70), it was $148.38. This made me realize that shopping in real life is way harder than it looks; maybe that's why our parents would let us buy wanted and not needed things. What surprised me the most was that my groceries per month cost more than my car per month!


On the far right is my wife.

On the bottom is my son, Leonardo.

On my son's head is my pet cat, Leo.

On the far left is me, Leon.