By: Logan

Basic Info

Rats are mammals. Rats are vertebrates wich means they have a back bone. Rats bodys are coverd in fur but their tail is coverd in hair. Rats are warm blooded witch means their body temputre stays the same. Preators of rats are humans, foxes, birds, and snakes. Rats move with 4 legs.


Rats enviorment is usaly citys and farms.  Rats live in basments and roof tops.  They get Their Water From The Sewers Or Ponds.  Rats eat fruits, vegies, nuts, grains, snails, and slugs 
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Life Cycle

Baby rats grow in the mothers tummy.  When the baby comes out it is called a pup.  The baby eats and over the days the baby grows.  When the baby is fully grown it becoms an adult.  This cycle keeps reapiting over and over.
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Rats Are Omnievors.  They Have Canine Teeth For Breaking Up There Meat And Moalers For Chewing Up Vegtabels.

interesting facts

Some Intresting Facts About Rats Is That Rats Can Have Up To 150 Babys A Year. Another Thing Is That Rats Carry A Deadly Deises Called The Black Death. Another Intresting Fact Is That Rats Live Less Than 1 Year! Rats Are Nocturnal Animals Wich Means They Sleep In The Day And Wake Up At Night. Another Thing Is That Rats Are Usaly gray.

Food Chain

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