By: Jathen Smith

The importance of Breakfast

1. One healthy choice would be fruit and yogurt smoothie

2. Another choice would be low fat muffin

3. Last choice can be frozen pizza

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Why these breakfasts are healthy?

1. A fruit and yogurt smoothie is healthy because your eating healthy and it will keep you full and fouced throughout the day.

2. A low fat muffin is a healthy breakfast because, well think of the name "low fat." Your not eating any unnecessary fats.

3. A frozen pizza is impotants because it gives you all your proteins

Smart Snacking

1. Some healthy snacks: 1.frozen grapes, 2.peanut butter, 3.slized apples, 4.almonds, slices
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Why these are healthy snacks

1. Frozen grapes are healthy because they are good for you and give you energy

2. peanut butter can help improve your heart and gives you more potassium

3. slized apples are are good for you and give you energy

4. almonds give you more nutrients and also improve your heart

5.oranges are good for you and boost your immune system