Desert Biome

By: Nora Riley

Where deserts are in the world

  • Deserts can be found all over the world in 6/7 continents.
  • They are mainly found in Africa and in Europe.
  • The only continent without a desert is Antarctica

What are the biggest threats to the desert

  • The biggest threat to the desert is Global Warming
  • Global warming is making the sand hotter. When this happens nitrogen will disappear and that affects the nitrogen cycle which affects the plants which affects the animals
  • To fix this problem they are using sensitive instruments to detect if there is enough nitrogen
  • Oil and gas mining is making it harder to live in the desert
  • Nuclear waste is affecting the plant and animal life

How is Global warming affecting the ecosystem

  • Global warming is affecting the plant and animal life. Global warming is drying out watering holes.
  • The animals and plants need the watering holes to survive and that is causing them to die
  • Global warming is making salt levels rise because there is not a lot of water for the salt to settle in

Animals, Plants, and Climate