The Evolution of graphics

By: Aeron and Yomal

Text-based graphics

Some of the earliest types of "graphics" are text-based graphics. This type of graphics use text as characters instead of bitmapped graphics, which is a type of graphics that maps the object, or vector graphics, which you will learn later. Anyway, an example of text-based graphics are multi-user dungeons, where the players could see the depiction of objects and/or other players.

Vector graphics

Full motion video

Full motion video (FMV) are "graphics" that rely on pre-recorded television or movie quality recordings instead of vectors or 3D graphics. This means that video games that has this type of graphics use recordings instead of programmed graphics. This also means that gamers has to follow the screen's instructions and it won't allow him/her to interact with the game. Because of this, this format declined fame substantially in 1995.



Stereo graphics

Future types of graphics

Big image

Future graphics