Ancient Greece


Some Ancient Greek Gods

There were ten gods of Ancient Greece.

1.) Hermes- Also known as the messenger among ancient Greek gods. 2.) Hephaestus- Popular in the Greek folklore by the name of God of fire. 3.) Ares- Ares was also known as the god of war. 4.) Cronos- One of the more widely known among the ancient titans. 5.) Apollo- Apollo was a god with many facets, he was a celebrated among the oracles. 6.) Dionysus- Being the god of festivity, pleasure and wine, he was quite a popular deity. 7.) Promethus- One of the most popular gods among the titans, Prometheus is held significantly higher among the great benefactors. 8.) Poseidon- Poseidon drew the realm of seas. 9.) Hades- Hades became the ruler of underworld. 10.) Zeus- became the god of all skies and the acknowledged ruler of all remaining gods.

Who wrote mythology?


Hesiod and Homer were two poets who were believed to have wrote mythology.